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ANHH/FHQTC Health Services Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is bound by The Confidentiality Policies of the All Nations’ Healing Hospital and File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council.


Are you having a hard time deciding what health care choice is right for yourself or a family member?

The All Nations’ Healing Hospital/File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council Ethics Committee may be able to help you.

Frequently encountered issues include value conflicts around

decisions such as withholding or withdrawing treatment, consent and capacity.

The values and beliefs of all cultur- al and spiritual groups, traditions and worldviews are recognized and honored.

The signs of an ethical dilemma may include:

  • Feeling discomfort about a decision or course of action
  • Being confronted with more than one possible course of action
  • Disagreement between people about what is the best thing to do
  • Concern that someone has been treated unfairly

    An Ethics Consult can be requested by:

    • A patient
    • A family member
    • A physician or staff member

      What happens after I request a consult?

      After you report an ethical dilemma it will be discussed with you privately to gather more information. The committee may meet with all those involved individually or as a group and listen to their thoughts and concerns.

      The information is then reviewed by the committee and recommendations will be presented and discussed with individuals involved.

      How do I request a consult ?

      To arrange an ethical consult please fill out the reverse side of this form and ask your care provider to arrange a meeting, or call/email one of the contacts listed on this brochure.

For more information contact:

Lorna Breitkreuz

Director of Programs and Community Services (306) 332-2440 lorna.breitkreuz@fhqtc.com

Michelle Graham

Health Navigator
(306) 332-3649 michelle.graham@saskhealthauthority.ca

Gary Goldsand

SHA Ethicist

(306) 552 7723 gary.goldsand@saskhealthauthority.ca


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