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All Nations’ Healing Hospital is owned and operated by File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council (FHQTC) and Touchwood Agency Tribal Council (TATC) and is funded through a transfer agreement from Health Canada and an operating agreement with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

As the primary subsidiary, the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council (FHQTC) handles daily business and operations of the All Nations’ Healing Hospital. FHQTC is the political and service organization for the Qu’Appelle Agency and the File Hills Agency, delivering programs and services to 11 First Nations in the Treaty Four Territory.

As an interest holder, the Touchwood Agency Tribal Council (TATC) is involved on a board basis to assist in the overseeing of corporate governance. TATC is the political and service organization for the Touchwood Agency, delivering programs and services to 4 member First Nations in the Treaty Four Territory.


Tribal Chief Edmund Bellegarde
File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council

Chief Melissa Tavita
Qu’Appelle Agencies

Chief Matthew T. Peigan
Qu’Appelle Agencies

Chief Michael Starr
File Hills Agencies

Councillor Cora-Leigh Buffalo
Touchwood Agencies

Councillor Cynthia Desjarlais
Touchwood Agencies

Councillor Tammy Pelletier
Touchwood Agencies

Reeve Corey Senft
RM of Lipton

Reeve Lee Carlson
RM of North Qu’Appelle

Councillor Monica Knowles
Village of Lipton

Mayor Gus Lagace
Town of Fort Qu’Appelle

Marian Zerr
Member At Large


To request previous ANHH Annual Reports please email the
Director of ANHH – gboehme@fhqtc.com



All Nations’ Healing Hospital opened its doors on June 12, 2004. The facility replaced the old Fort Qu’Appelle Indian Hospital built in 1909.

The hospital includes 24 hour physician services, 14 acute care beds, a 24 hour emergency department, palliative care services, outpatient services, diagnostic services (lab and x-ray). Cultural and traditional services include: access to traditional knowledge keepers, traditional medicines, traditional and spiritual institutes and spiritual counselling.

The culturally sensitive design elements incorporated into the facility accommodate an approach to health care that recognizes the relationship between mind, spirit, body and community.


Recognized leaders in the development, delivery and influence of exceptional, safe and wholistic care.


The All Nations’ Healing Hospital delivers safe, wholistic health services and research to meet the needs of our communities. Specifically, ANHH provides services in the areas of acute and chronic health care and women’s health.


The All Nations’ Healing Hospital will:

  • Provide safe, quality health care services that strives to exceed all required standards, regulations and legislation.
  • Be future orientated, innovative and strategic in planning and service delivery, embracing the uniqueness of All Nations’ Healing Hospital.
    Pursue positive relationships which foster involvement in issue management, articulate joint commitment to participation and decision making and assure clear communication.
  • Ensure all who enter All Nations’ Healing Hospital are welcome, respected and supported in meeting their health and wellness needs.
  • Pursue all avenues which support First Nation people in gaining employment and experience in health careers.


  • Respectful, compassionate service that understands clients needs
  • Partnerships based on mutually desirable outcomes
  • Confidentiality and accessibility
  • Recognize and exercise the Treaty Right to Health
  • Innovation
  • Fostering independence
  • Accountability, honesty and integrity

Knowledge Keepers guide us with day to day operations with respect to traditional medicines, spiritual institutions, and cultural services for patients, clients and program development. All Nations’ Healing Hospital currently has 4 Knowledge Keepers on staff.


“I’ve been working here with White Raven Healing Centre since 2003 and I love my job. I’ve helped a lot of people with their healing. It feels good to know we help people who come here by being here to provide ceremony for people. I am very proud of being raised with my own language which I never lost (which is Cree). Their are few people who can still use the language. It feels good to use it and to have never have lost it. Use the language wherever you can.”

Senator Margaret Keewatin,
Okanese First Nation

“The All Nations’ Healing Hospital is a very special hospital because of the access of both contemporary healing practices and First Nations spiritual Institutions (sic) ceremonies. These are available for patients who enter the hospital, both First Nations and Non-First Nations patients… They have access to contemporary health care, (medications, drugs) and the real medicines (natural plants), also other spiritual Institutions that were practiced since Creator put First Nations in this part of the world.”

Rick Favel,
Kawacatoose First Nation

“Culture is the centre of all the spokes of our organization. We help with guidance for people to open their own door to understanding and to learn in their own way more about the ways of knowing from the languages spoken by our grandparents. We now have helpers on staff from all of our 5 languages. It’s good we have a growing hub to share and gather these understandings. We try to stay mindful of each of our 5 languages and encourage understanding in each your own culture. We welcome sharing these methods and understanding of language and medicine knowledge to encourage the growth and continuation of motion, so our big wheel keeps on rolling in the same direction.”

Murray Ironchild,
Piapot First Nation

“Meditation. Communicate with Creator through strong and daily prayer and that will refresh and gladden your spirit.”

Olive Ironeagle,
Pasqua First Nation


The PFAC is an advisory group focused on matters important to patients and families. The Council’s goal is to enhance patient-centered care and improve the overall patient experience at the ANHH and with FHQTC Health Services. Clients, patients, families and staff will work together to achieve these goals.


Current Volunteer PFAC Members:
Joan Bellegarde
Linda Peagam
Freda Koochicum
Gwenda Watson
Connie Wowchuk
Maureen Johns
Denise Gettle


NEW ANHH with Accreditation Canada

All Nations' Healing Hospital is owned and operated by File Hills Qu'Appelle Tribal Council (FHQTC) and Touchwood Agency Tribal Council (TATC) and is funded through a transfer agreement from Health Canada and an operating agreement with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

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